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Accidents, illnesses, and injuries can happen at any time, fortunately, when they do, you can turn to us to receive immediate, high-quality medical care. Let us help you to get appropriate care without the wait for an appointment with your physician or the long waiting time typical of hospital emergency rooms.

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Women Health & Pediatric Clinic
  • In this clinic our providers will offer health care services tailored specifically to women of all ages, with a full range of care to children from one day age. Our providers are experienced caring, and competent at making your diagnosis and treating your illnesses.
  • Besides, our providers offer preventative care of standard examinations and tests such as mammograms, PAP & Ultrasound when indicated to keep you healthy.
  • From mommy makeovers to turning back the hands of time, helps women correct or improve their appearance so they can feel and look great. Whether you want to enhance your breasts or get a tummy tuck, is ready to help you feel confident at any age.
  • Our providers have the medical qualifications, the working experience, and the personal experience to take care of families as they all had and have families with experiences of their own, to relate to every situation and handle it with compassion, tenderness and loving care.
  • If you are a mother with a newborn child, you have, at your disposal, the experience of a provider who has and is taking care of hundreds of newborns from day one of age. If you have grown up children or and teenagers, come and seek help and advice from providers equipped with science and experience to accord you the help and the support you need.
  • If you are a woman in need of advice or care in any of women’s concerns, you will have a provider woman with knowledge of women’s health, be it heart health, migraines, pains, menopause, menstruations, screening mammograms, and PAP.
Heart Health, Hypertension & Diabetes Clinic
  • This clinic provides health services to these important and serious chronic conditions of cardiovascular diseases that require regular checkups, monitoring of medications, and appropriate and necessary testing. The clinic has the equipment to run these tests and to provide full services on a regular basis.
  • If you are taking care of chronic illness for you or loved ones such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, GERD, arthritis, pains, and others, our providers will help you to monitor these conditions, maintain stability, review current medications efficacy, run the indicated regular testing to achieve and maintain stability. You will be provided with regular follow up visits and access to your provider in between
Nutrition & Weight Management Clinic
  • This Clinic emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet to prevent serious conditions that can lead to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. it strives to pay specific attention to control the physical, mental, and medical aspects contributing to these health hazards.
  • The clinic assists in designing a healthy diet tailored personally for each patient, does in effect incorporate the weight management strategies to the complex individual situations of weight control as an important part of feeling and looking healthy.
Allergy & Asthma Clinic
  • This clinic offers full allergy diagnostic testing for the treatment of seasonal allergies. It centers attention on asthma and its potential connections to allergens culpable causing factors when possible to provide the appropriate therapy and long-lasting relief whenever possible.
Migraine, Back and Joints Pain Clinic
  • This is a pain clinic with an emphasis on managing and controlling migraine attacks to offer a complete range of effective therapeutic measures.
  • Within these clinic services are the treatments of back & joints pains by identifying the causes, the risks, and strategies to improve the pain. It relies on physical exercises and non-surgical means to fit each patient’s specific mobility parameters to reach and maintain good health. It teaches preventative skills to avoid pain.
Dermatological Diseases & Skin Cancer Clinic
  • This clinic deals with skin conditions that are encountered at all ages, acne, dermatitis and most importantly in our sunny weather the detection and the prevention of skin cancer in young adults, in mature and aging population and in particular in professional individuals with a work history of heavy exposure to the sun.

  • The practice is led by a seasoned and skilled board-certified Mohs surgeon with extensive experience in laser surgery and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Advanced Dermatology Surgery Center is equipped with advanced medical technology to support world-class care, right here in Fresno. A relaxing environment and a welcoming staff ensure patients feel comfortable and “at home” throughout the visit. New patients are welcome, and the practice accepts most major medical insurance plans.

  • We are dedicated to improving your self-esteem by helping you feel confident in your skin and body.

  • We have the benefit of having immediate access for surgical cosmetic surgery consultation from a highly qualified board-certified surgeon with many years of experience and expertise in treating such lesions.

Sport Injuries & School Athletic Clearance Clinic
  • This clinic provides an efficient and prompt examination to all athletes practicing their favorite sport at gyms, middle and high school students to start and rejoin their favorite school sports team provided by our pediatric medical providers on site.
  • We provide this service to all the schools surrounding our facility with a discount for out of pocket expenses.
  • If your child or you encountered an accident or sports injury, you will have the provider who has taken care of varieties of orthopedic conditions. For school students and athletic adults’ patients, we offer on-site the experience of
  • The clinic provides full first aid comprehensive orthopedic care including X-Ray, cast, crutches and walking assists. A board-certified surgeon with a large experience in trauma to consult on these injuries.
Work Injuries & Employment Clearance Clinic
  •  This clinic offers immediate care of all work injuries using our UpToDate X-Ray& Ultrasound machines for diagnosis of strains, dislocations, and fractures. We also treat burns, wounds, and lacerations.
  • The clinic also offers an employment clearance with the full testing capacity we offer on-site the experience of a board-certified surgeon with a large experience in trauma to consult on these injuries.

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