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Our mission is to provide better health care for you and your family.

For Emergencies: Call 911

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm | Saturday 9am - 4pm | Sunday Closed

1050 East Perrin Avenue, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720-5032

Prestige Pediatric & Family Urgent Care

Directions: HWY 41 exit Friant, intersection Perrin & Champlain, adjacent to Blood and CITIBank's.

Online appointment at:

What do you need to know about your walk-in & appointment Visit?

We strive not to have minimum waiting time just for filing the necessary documentation to process insurance verification and method of payment. Upon arrival, you will be met with our professional and courteous staff who will offer you documents to fill and provide the following information:


1. Your demographic data

  • Name, residency address, DOB marital status, Home Ph #, Cell Ph Occupation, Work address, work Ph #, Email address, and a copy of your driver license or other ID’s, copy of your insurance card
  • Names of your husband/partner, Cell Ph. #
  • Names of your children & age
  • Name of next of kin & emergency contact

2. Your medical data

  • Reason for your visit
  • Your medical history
  • Your family history
  • List of your current medications

You can call for an appointment or book it online
Please provide the above information to shorten your waiting time.